is a national network of organisations and individuals concerned with issues relating to women working in the unorganised sector and care of their children.

It came into being on 17 January 1989 following the recommendations of the Shram Shakti Report ( 1988) brought out by the National Commission of Self Employed Women and Women in the Informal Sector.
This report brought attention to the livelihood needs of millions of poor women, the need for work, employment and to have security of wages in order to survive. The neglect of their children and the need for a safe place to leave them emerged as a critical issue.

The Shram Shakti report made a strong plea for setting up of a national network of child care services for poor working women and strongly argued for a national commitment to child care services. The plan to lobby for such a course of action by a national forum of concerned non- governmental organizations which would also assist in spelling out the policy framework and programme of action was the motivating factor for the emergence of Forum for Crèche and Child Care Services (FORCES).  

Though founded to act as a pressure group, the network is committed to the survival and development of the young child (0-6 years) and women working in the informal sector.


The National Secretariat rotates among member organisations and is housed within the  headquarter of the concerned organisation. The network was first housed in CWDS (Centre for Women’s Development Studies) followed by Mobile Crèches (1993) and YWCA of India in 2002. This is in keeping with the principle of rotation and decentralized system of functioning envisaged in the running of FORCES network. Since 2007 it is located in CWDS.

There are two main decision-making bodies - the Policy Committee and the Steering Committee both of which provide direction to the National Secretariat. The Convenor organisation plays a supportive role by providing space for the National Secretariat and also raises funds for its activities. 

Decisions Making Bodies

  Steering Committee

  Policy Committee

Steering Committee

  Delhi based Organisations

  Individual Members


Policy Committee

  Steering Committee Members

  State Convenors and Coordinators

  National & State level Members

  Special Invitees

The National Secretariat rotates amongst the headquarters-based member organizations to ensure ownership. Since April 2007 it is housed at Centre for Women's Development Studies, New Delhi.




  FORCES is an advocacy network which is committed to the survival, protection and holistic development of the young child